Humanitarian aid projects span a wide variety of causes, ranging from support for victims of war and urban re-qualification to educational programmes and distance adoption. The latest statistics (September 2007) indicate more than 200 non-governmental organizations recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more than a thousand projects currently on-going around the globe from Latin America to the Middle East, and across the vast African continent.

Why do we need PHOTOAID ?

Humanitarian relief programmes have been in existence for years and function thanks to the professional skills and altruism of thousands of aid workers. Yet what is still missing (not only in Italy) is a structured -- and above all, professional -- photographic documentation of this impressive contribution. The many amateur images taken by aid workers themselves are a credit to their enthusiasm and initiative but fail to do visual justice to their laudable efforts.

In a few rare cases professional photographers have dedicated their expertise to the documentation of a humanitarian project, but this remains an exception.

PHOTOAID believes it can change this trend.

The production of quality photographic material will provide international humanitarian organizations with a more efficient documentary and aesthetic tool for reaching potential new supporters, whilst providing their existing sponsors with a worthy illustration of their activities.

Why settle for second best? It’s now possible to take advantage of a professional service created especially for the field of humanitarian aid.

Photo Aid offers its support to organizations of international cooperation both in Italy and abroad.

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